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‘Our House’ Project

fenwick media pictures 177

This weekend, February 11th sees the start of a new project in which we are hoping to encourage those residents living in the older houses to tell us what they know about their house and it’s history and previous occupants.  A booklet called ‘The Co-operators’ and a note requesting their help will be dropping through their letterboxes over the next few days. There are approximately ninety houses that fall into this category, mostly of course those within the conservation area.  We will also try and help those who may not know their houses history but are interested enough to learn and find out.  We are looking for stories, anecdotes, old photos, pictures, in fact anything of interest to the rich heritage of the village.  Hopefully the project will develop in all sorts of directions and we would like to see whole families involved.


We also hope to talk to some of the long term members of the community and tap their knowledge.  There is probably a wealth of information about Fenwick out there and it would be interesting to record it for posterity.  We welcome any input about the village whether you live in the conservation area or not.  If you would like to learn more please drop me an email – you can contact me at [email protected]