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William Guthrie’s House

William Guthrie’s House

Born in 1620, educated at St Andrew’s University and ultimately a highly regarded preacher it is reported that people came from far and wide to hear William Guthrie preach, with reports of up to 3000 people coming to the village on weekends.

Licensed to preach in 1642 and ordained in 1644 he was called to be the first Minister of the new parish of Fenwick. During his first two years in the village, he lived in a house on this spot, whilst the Church, and the Ministers House opposite it, were being built.

Fenwick Parish Church has the highest number of Covenanting memorials in Scotland. Guthrie had made public his support for the Covenanters and many villagers followed his lead, indeed dying for the cause. Guthrie was imprisoned on several occasions for his support of the Covenanters but always remained true to his beliefs.

Despite being tempted to richer and larger parishes Guthrie served Fenwick until he died on 10 October 1665, aged 45. He was buried in Brechin but has a memorial in the parish churchyard.