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Transcript of The Charter

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We John Burns in Kiln Wlliam Hendry ln Hairshaw Miln James Brown weaver in [Damblack] of Raith john and Wlliam Walkers weavers at ffinnick Kirk Samuel Wallace weaver there Wi|liam Buntine & Alexander Gemmill Weavers in flinnick toun and Thomas Barr Yarn Merchant in ffinnick All Masters of the Trade of weavers in the Town and Parish of ffinnick And John and James Gemmills John Walker Alexander Wallace John Willson John and Thomas Burns’s. All Apprentices in the said Trade and hereto subscribing.

Considering That Altho’ We are not Nor can be Erected into a Corporation Yet it would be greatly to the Advantage of the Trade of Weavers in the Parish of Finnick That proper regulations were established amongst us For the better ordering and Government of our said Trade Do therefore all with one consent Erect and unite ourselves together into a Society to be called from henceforth The Society of Weavers in Finnick and have laid down the following Rules and directions which we agree and obledge us Shall be observed to one another in time coming Towitt

1st That we shall be honest and faithfull to one another and to our employers and make good & sufficient work and exact neither higher nor lower prices than are accustomed In the Towns and parishes of the neighbourhood And that there shall be two headsmen or inspectors Chisen yearly from amongst our number Who shall have power to judge our work and prices And if any Member is found faulty That he shall Pay a fine therefore as the heads men shall determine Which headsmen shall also receive All the Money after mentioned belonging to our society and give out and apply the same as the Trade or a Majority of the shall think fitt

2dly That as every one of us Masters have already paid in two shillings and six pence sterling And every one of us apprentices have paid in one shilling sterling to our Society’s Box To be applied for defraying the Charges of constituting our Society and other our necessary Affairs So no person or persons whatever shall be received into our society hereafter as masters unless they accede to these regulations and pay five shillings sterling of Entry money To our said Box Except the present apprentices above named who shall be admitted into the benefite of our society as masters for Payment of one shilling and six pence sterling each: And any of the present masters sons shall be admitted into the said society as masters for Payment of six pence Sterling each But that no stranger Prentice hereafter shall be admitted thereto Unless he or his Master Lodge his Indenture into the Societys Box and pay two shillings sterling of Entry money And shall pay two shillings and six pence sterling more when he comes to join our Society as a master All which Entry Moneys shall be applyed for the good of our society as above mentioned.

3dly That there shall be a quarterly meeting of the whole Members of this society in time coming for looking into and better mannaging Our affairs and shall be all warned[?] thereto by the Trades officer And every person absent without a lawfull excuse shall pay four pence sterling of fine To the headsmen for the good of the Society and shall be bound to contribute quarterly or oftner for poors money according as the Trade or a Majority of them shall from time to time appoint

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4thly That all the fines and Entry moneys above written shall be punctually paid when due and in case of failzieur shall be recovered summarly by poinding or other ways without any warrand or other authority But if any is found requisite That a summar warrand from the baron baillie of the bounds or any Justice of Peace in the neighbourhood upon a certificate from the headsmen of the Trade shall be sufficient To all intents & purposes without any quarrell or hazard of law All which things we oblidge us to fulfill and perform to one another under the penalty of two shillings sterling for each failzie [at our] performance And for the more security We Consent to the registration hereof ln the Books of Councill and Session or any others competent for preservation and if need be’s That all execution necessar Pass & be direct hereon on Charge of six days in form as Effeirs and for that effect

Pro [         ] & In Witness whereof these presents wrote upon stampt Paper By William Brown Clerk to William Paterson Writer in Kilmarnock are subscribed as follows Towitt By us the saids James Brown William Walker William Buntine Alexander Gemmill and Thomas Barr Att Kilmarnock the tenth day of March Seventeen hundred and sixty one years. Before these witnesses William Galloway Baxter in Kilmarnock and the said William Brown’ and by us the saids john Burns John Walker William Hendry Samuel Wallace john Gemmill James Gemmill John Walker Alexander Wallace John Wilson John Burns and Thomas Burns Att Finnick Kirk the fourteenth day of March and year One thousand seven hundred and sixty one aforesaid Before these Witnesses Robert and James Steells Coupars at Finnick Kirk